A Morning With Gregr

This summer as I was sitting in the office at work in Cape Town, and I started live streaming my favorite radio station from back home, 107.7 The End. It was 3pm in Cape Town, which made it 6am here in Seattle. Gregr was just starting his morning segment. I tweeted 1077 from work saying that I was listening live as I sat at my desk in Cape Town.

Just a couple minutes later, I heard Gegr announce that they had just gotten a tweet at the station from someone listening all the way from Cape Town, South Africa. He said my name and told me I should hangout with them at the station someday. I wasn't going to let that offer pass up.

One thing led to another and a couple weeks back I got to spend some time in the 107.7 The End studios with Seattle's favorite morning radio host, Gregr. Gregr wakes up at about 4:00am every morning to start the day for The End. He loves his job, he looks forward to coming into work every single morning, but hates having to go to bed at 7:00 every night. 

In between conversation, Gregr would have to turn back to his job and say a bit on the radio. Whether it was announcing the next song or replying to a funny tweet they had received at the station, Greg went about his job with enthusiasm. He often gets to speak about his nerdy habits on segments such as "Nerd Talk", speaking about topics such as space travel and Star Wars. In fact, that day Gregr was sporting his NASA t-shirt.

Thanks again for showing me around and letting me hangout with you, Gregr! See you at Deck The Hall Ball.