Counting Down

Two weeks. We're down to two weeks until I board the plane that will take me to London, my first layover destination on my way to Zambia. I don't think it has completely hit me that I'm leaving yet. It probably won't hit me until I say goodbye at the airport. I'm incredibly excited, nervous, happy, sad... All at once. It's only two months away from home, but two months seems like a long time right now. I know the time will fly by once I'm planting trees in Zambia, making films about the extreme deforestation rates, or exploring the mountains of South Africa. Preparing for this trip has been a lot of work. Paperwork, vaccinations, visas, more paperwork, booking flights, etc... But I know it will all be worth it once I arrive safely.

I'm going to miss Washington a lot. I've never spent an entire summer away from here since we moved to Redmond from the Bay Area in 2002. Summers in Seattle are amazing. Going to the beach some weekends, going hiking in the mountains others, we have it all. You can never get bored with so much to do. So far this summer has been off to an amazing start, and I'm so glad I got to spend it with such amazing people.


This summer (well, winter in the southern hemisphere) is going to be incredible. I can't wait to take you, my friends and family along with me via my videos and this blog. I'll be updating as frequently as I can, as I'm not sure how busy I'll be.

Stay tuned, and I'll see you in Africa.