I'm On My Way

I've landed in London!

This trip wasn't off to the best start. When checking in, there was a problem with my birth certificate that would've delayed my departure another day. Luckily we sorted it out and I'm on my way. However, the trip got much better from there. As I was letting some people into my aisle at the back of the plane, one of the flight attendants approached me. "Hello, Alec" he said. He had an official looking folder in his hands. I thought for sure they had found another problem with my documents and he was going to kick me off the plane. 
"Hello..." I said. 
"I've heard that there is a problem with your entertainment system." 
"Oh, okay." I replied. He messed around with the entertainment system in the back of the seat in front of me, and sure enough it was broken. 
"I thought we might just upgrade you" he said.
"Upgrade me? Where?"
"Business class."
He then led me to where the rich people lay at the front of the plane. He directed me to my seat, and I sat down. I had a full bed, and a working entertainment system. The flight attendant apologized for the mixup. I didn't mind. I was served a full three-course meal free of charge, including drinks.

Long story short, I slept very well on that flight.

Cheers from London!