Penguins, Peninsula, Peaks.

I’ve been in Cape Town for about three weeks now and I can tell you that it is unlike any city I’ve ever been to. When you’re walking around the city you feel like you’re somewhere maybe in Eastern Europe, you forget you’re in Africa.

I’ve gotten a few chances to get out and explore, but it’s hard as I’m working Monday through Friday from nine to five. I drove with some friends to Chapman’s Peak at sunset, explored the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, drove through the Cape Peninsula, and hiked Lion’s Head for sunrise. Hiking Lion’s head was something I’ll never forget. It’s a relatively easy and super fun hike. Climbing ladders, holding onto chains on the edge of a cliff, and then getting a view of the whole of Cape Town at the top. It was one of the most incredible views I have ever seen. The clouds created a blanket over the city which we looked out over from above. The sun rose from behind the mountains in the distance and created a bright orange light shining across town. As we hiked down we marched right into the blanket of clouds and back down to gloomy, cold Cape Town. It’s definitely something I’ll have to do again soon.


Chapman’s Peak was also incredible. That was my first real taste of the beautiful South African coastline. As the sun was setting the mountains lit up with an orange tinge, exposing every detail and crevice of the cliffs along the Garden Route, the road that runs along the coast.



We visited Boulder’s Beach in Simon’s Town where the penguins live. It was cool being up close to those little animals, although it was more like a zoo than a beach where the penguins roam free.



We drove through the Cape Peninsula just a couple days ago, but we made the mistake of hiring an Uber to take us. The Cape Peninsula isn’t exactly the place you want to hire an Uber. It ended up costing R530, which is luckily only about $39 and split between the five of us, wasn’t that much. We had the driver wait for us as we ran around the Cape of Good Hope snapping pictures left and right. I sprinted up to the top of this cliff to get a shot, and sprinted back down. Our driver was very nice and gave us advice about where he should take us first. We had to pay for him to get in though, as the peninsula is a national park. It was worth all the fuss, even though we weren’t able to stay very long. I definitely want to go back and potentially stay a night in the park and take pictures of the stars. I can also now say that I’ve been to the Southwestern most point of Africa. I would've gone to the Southernmost point, but again, our driver was waiting…



With about 37 days left in Cape Town, I’m trying to take advantage of every free day I have to get out and explore the Cape. It’s such a beautiful country with so many things to see. I know I won’t be able to see everything I want, which is only an excuse to come back.